Why choose us?

For 25 years, we at Flowbox have been following a path that leads us to be leaders in our field. We are dedicated to providing integral solutions for container users. We specialize in their application and adaptation in the areas of road and rail transport, project cargo and industry.

Why do we bet on containers? Because they offer us multiple possibilities, allow us to be flexible, innovative and not be tied to a structure. They are boxes that we can accommodate and re-arrange according to our needs. With containers, nothing is static, everything flows.

That's what Flowbox is all about.

25 Years of experience
5 Specialized industries
  Food industry   Automotive   Logistics   Oil & Gas   Transport
5 International brand representations
3 Operational centers

For more than two decades we have provided services and a wide range of solutions to major container user companies.

We put at your disposal all our experience in the activity and the support of our staff, formed by people who worked actively in outstanding maritime and port companies.

We provide services with technical and commercial solutions through assistance in maintenance, inspection, repair and storage of containers, as well as the rental and reconversion of them.

Policy of quality

Flowbox S.A. is a service company focused on the optimization, utilization and reconversion of containers to meet the needs of our customers and stakeholders.

To this end we maintain our Quality Management System for the processes of:

Inspection and structural repair of common and refrigerated containers (Reefer).

Pre-shipment inspection (PTI) and technical repair of reefer containers.

Rent of nationalized containers (common, reefer and offices)

We are based on the following principles:

  • To provide added value to our customers through advice and technical training in order to satisfy them with the best product/service quality.
  • Perform our services with professionalism, based on the constant training and education of our staff, in addition to their experience, complying with our policies that ensure healthy and safe environments and respecting the environment and sustainable development.
  • To permanently train the personnel of our organization and to propitiate teamwork, permanent dialogue in order to detect needs that continuously improve our processes and services.
  • Comply with legal requirements, policies and procedures.
  • To maintain mutually beneficial relationships with our suppliers in order to ensure that we obtain products and services with the required quality.
  • Ensure the growth of the organization in a gradual way so as not to lose the focus of the business whose important pillar is to maintain financial strength.

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El Salvador 822, Benavidez.
Buenos Aires
Tel. (3327) 527-720
e-mail: flowbox@flowbox.com.ar

Terminal Flowbox Benavidez

Benavidez Square. Privileged area to receive empty containers for import and deliver empty containers for export.

It is used to store and make conversions in its own fleet of standard containers, reefers, offices, etc.

It has a workshop for repairing container structures and qualified technicians for refrigerated containers.

Banks with which we operate:
  • Santander
  • Banco de Galicia y Buenos Aires
  • Banco Patagonia
  • Banco de la Nación Argentina
Insurance companies:
  • HDI Seguros
  • La Perseverancia
  • Chubb Compañía de Seguros
  • IRAM – Instituto Argentino Normalización y Certificación (Miembro Pleno Institucional)
  • ARLOG – Asociación Argentina de Logística Empresaria
  • Cámara de Comercio Argentino
  • Cámara de Comercio Argentino-Holandesa
  • Bureau Internacional de Contenedores

Av. R. S. Castillo y Rafael Obligado – Alt. Dna. F, Puerto Nuevo (1104) Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires

Flowbox has all the technical support and qualified personnel that Alcoa Fastening Systems offers through its distributors and representatives to its customers worldwide.

HUCK En Argentina
Flowbox has been an authorized distributor in the marine container segment since 2003. It offers companies that use its products advice, sales of rivets and tools, and spare parts for the whole territory of the Argentine Republic.


To establish ourselves as a reference in sales, rental, structural and technical repairs of Dry-Van/Reefer containers in the Port Terminals.

In our own area, we want to become a company of logistic services of storage of containers and consolidated of goods, offering agile and integral answers, maintaining our activity of inspection, structural and technical repair, rent/sale, that gave origin to our identity.

Rev 06, 05-11-2018.


To provide services with technical and commercial solutions to our maritime, industrial and service clients, assisting in the efficient application of the use of containers.

To this end, we provide assistance in maintenance, inspection, repair, transport and storage of containers, as well as the sale and rental of containers and their spare parts.

We try to give an added value with advice and training to users of Cargo Logistics with Dry-Van and Reefer type containers

Rev 06, 05-11-2018.


CUSTOMERS: Customers are our reason for being, that is why we strive to provide them with all our capacity to satisfy their needs.

We consider in all cases, honesty, transparency, commitment, professionalism and ingenuity, as tools to build lasting relationships.

EMPLOYEES: The staff is a pillar in the essence of our company.

We promote a permanent dialogue in order to make known the mutual needs. We try, that their activities are safe, offering the necessary resources that conform optimal conditions of labor security and hygiene.

Likewise, we monitor their performance so that each employee receives a remuneration according to their task, effort and dedication, recognizing those who demonstrate commitment and belonging.

COMMUNITY: We carry out each of our activities in compliance with legal standards, taking care of our environment and sustainable development.

ETHICS: Ethics is the basis of our conduct throughout the organization, to carry out our activities and relationships with customers, employees, shareholders and suppliers.

SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY: We develop our activities within the legal labor framework, with a participatory social approach.

SUPPLIERS: We seek to establish mutually beneficial and long-lasting relationships with our suppliers, so that the products and services they provide us with are of the best quality.

SHAREHOLDERS: We aspire to comply with our values in order to consolidate the economic-financial position of the Company, invest in those areas that generate profitability and guarantee the solidity and continuity of the organization.

Rev 04, 05-11-2018.

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